1. Know your flood hazard: is your property subject to flooding or is in a repetitively flooded area: Flood Maps | A hard copy of flood maps can be viewed at your town’s construction office.
  2. Insure your property with flood insurance as a homeowner or renter: Flood Insurance | To learn about PRP Policies: Preferred Risk Policy (PRP) |
  3. Protect yourself and your family with Flood Safety tips.
  4. Sign up for Emergency Notifications: 08008, New Jersey : Nixle
  5. If disabled or have special needs, sign up for NJ Register Ready
  6. Be aware of storms and flooding events:
  7. Protect your property from hazard: Are you Protected? Local construction departments are a good resource of hazard protection.
  8. Build Responsibly: Check with your local towns on permitting and land use.
  9. Protect natural floodplain functions: each town has ordinances to protect our natural barriers and help with proper drainage.
  10. Educate the family on flooding: Welcome to Ready Kids! |
  11. Be prepared for Hurricanes: Hurricanes and Floods | Ocean County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Management

To learn more about how to prepare for an emergency as visitor or resident, check out: Vacationers-guide-to-Emergencies1.pdf